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About Us

Supported by Enterprise Singapore, the SME Centre@SMF was established in May 2005 as one of the associated services of the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF). The SME Centre@SMF provides small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with easy access to business advisory services to help them start, sustain and grow their businesses.
The first-stop SME Centre’s services include business diagnosis, information on government schemes and capability workshops.
The SMF was established in 1932 to represent the interest of the manufacturing community in Singapore, and drive its competitiveness and sustainable growth through serving industry-specific needs. Current membership stands at about 5,000 members comprising SMEs, MNCs and Affiliate members, with 10 industry groups and associated services supporting the Federation. The SMF is governed by an elected council.

Manufacturing Expert Panel

Working with the SMF, the SME Centre@SMF helps address the challenges faced by the manufacturing community. Through the Manufacturing Expert Panel (MEP), it aims to provide a channel for the manufacturing community to seek technical input and recommendations for capability building, infrastructure set up, I4.0 and digtalisation. The MEP comprises experts from the various industry groups under the SMF, which allows for a diverse range of expertise and experience. Overall, our goal is to help the manufacturers navigate the evolving landscape and stay competitive in the digital era.

Satellite SME Centres

The SME Centre@SouthWest and SME Centre@NorthWest were established in collaboration with South West Community Development Council (SWCDC) and North West Community Development Council (NWCDC) situated at JTC Summit and Woodlands Civic Centre respectively.

Both satellite centres provide 1-to-1 business advisory services, access to government programmes, capability workshops, business networking, employment placement services and facilitated corporate social responsibility initiatives. The network of SME Centres is supported by Enterprise Singapore.

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