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I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Lewis Ang, senior business advisor from SME Centre@SouthWest, for his exceptional support and guidance as our business advisor. His expertise and dedication have been instrumental to Makan Melaka, especially in navigating the funding support provided by Enterprise Singapore for our new outlet. His insights and proactive assistance have truly made a significant difference, and we are immensely grateful for his valuable contributions.

Thank you once again for his unwavering commitment to helping SMEs like ours thrive. We look forward to continuing our journey with his continued support.
Ms Roslinah Jamil
Manager, Makan Melaka
I am thrilled to have received a government subsidy! I never anticipated that there would be such an effective system in place to support small businesses like mine.

I am deeply grateful to Ms. Wong Wen Man, Senior Business Advisor at SME Centre@NorthWest, for informing me about this invaluable assistance. Without her guidance, I would have remained unaware of this opportunity. Thank you so much for your support.
Ms Lily Zheng
Owner, ZAP IT
I am writing to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Ben Teo, Senior Business Advisor at SME Centre@SMF, for his outstanding support and expertise. His profound understanding of our business challenges, combined with his updated knowledge of grants and the current business environment, has played a crucial role in our achievements.

Ben's consistent efforts to exceed expectations have been commendable. The tailored advice he provides, which is both practical and strategic, has been invaluable in guiding us through various opportunities and challenges.

His guidance on grants such as the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) and the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) has been particularly beneficial. We sincerely value his dedication and the personalized attention he has extended throughout this journey.

Thank you once again for being an indispensable asset to our business. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership.
Mr Leonard Goh
Co-founder, DNL Supply Pte. Ltd.
Suvai Foods Pte Ltd specialises in manufacturing and trading premium vegetarian ready-to-eat foods. We aimed to automate our processes and adopt energy-efficient equipment but were uncertain about the government's grant application procedures and requirements.

Meeting Mr. Bhanu Pratap Rai, a senior business advisor from SME Centre@SMF, was a game-changer. He guided us through the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) and the Energy Efficiency Grant (EEG) applications, significantly enhancing our productivity.

His invaluable business advisory sessions, both in-person and virtual, have greatly benefited our business. We are immensely grateful for his support and expertise.
Ms Rajalakshmi
Finance Manager, Suvai Foods Pte Ltd
I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Patrick Cheah, senior business advisor from SME Centre@SMF for his invaluable assistance in helping our company navigate the complexity of programmes and grants.

His expertise, guidance, and unwavering commitment to our success have been instrumental in identifying the suitable programmes and grants that align perfectly with our needs and goals. His contributions have had a meaningful impact on our company's growth and development, and we are truly appreciative of Patrick's support.
Mr Spencer Ng
Director, M4 Solutions Pte. Ltd.
I would like to commend Ms. Tan Weiling, a business advisor at SME Centre@SMF on her positive working attitude. She willingly goes the extra mile to assist us. For instance, even when inquiries are beyond her scope, she checks with the relevant department and promptly gets back to us.

Ms. Tan Weiling quickly grasps the key points of our inquiries and provides solutions and recommendations.
Ms Joyce Liu
Finance Manager, Augment International Pte. Ltd.
We extend our sincere appreciation to Mr. Bernard Tan, business advisor of SME Centre@SouthWest for his outstanding guidance as our business advisor for over six years.

Bernard's professionalism, extensive knowledge, and remarkable patience have played a pivotal role in our company's success. His tailored advice, ranging from securing capability development grants to facilitating overseas expansion, HR enhancements, and intellectual property protection, has been extremely helpful.

What sets Bernard apart is his ability to understand our unique needs and provide strategic recommendations accordingly. He always offers valuable insights and support that go beyond the conventional advisory role.

Thank you, Bernard, for being an invaluable part of our business journey.
Ms Alice Peng
Director, ANR Technologies Pte. Ltd.
Mr. Ong Joon Kiat, a business advisor from SME Centre@SouthWest, is not just professional and incredibly knowledgeable, but what really sets him apart is his ability to see things from the perspective of SMEs like us. He provides guidance that fits our needs perfectly, especially considering our lack of technical know-how.
Mr Leonard Sin
Associate, Business Development, AccTrust Advisory Pte. Ltd.
Recently we engaged Ms. Michelle Ling, Senior Business Advisor from SME Centre@SouthWest on a business advisory session regarding the application of the Career Conversion Programmes (CCP) and Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) Grant.

This was the first time that we had applied for the grant, and we were clueless about how to proceed. Michelle was clear with the content of various avenues, spent time brainstorming the possibilities, and made appropriate suggestions to narrow down the grant for the management. It has helped in terms of the decision-making process.

I believe Michelle had gone beyond her core duties as a business advisor in assisting us. With her help, the application was seamlessly done. As an organisation we are grateful.
Mr Francis Chua
Regional Sales Manager, Weebo Pte. Ltd.
We extend our sincere appreciation to Mr Jonathan Chen of SME Centre@SMF for his outstanding support during our "Website Digital Marketing Project" from January 2022 to June 2023.

Despite initial miscommunication that resulted in a rejected claim by Enterprise Singapore in September 2023, Jonathan conducted thorough discussions with our team. He identified the issue with the payment gateway, guided us through the appeal procedures, and ensured a successful resolution. Thanks to his efforts, we recently received approval from Enterprise Singapore, securing $7.2k.

Jonathan's professionalism, patience, systematic approach, and knowledge have greatly benefited A-Flick Pte Ltd. This positive experience not only resolved our immediate issue but also instilled confidence in our ability to handle future digital projects. As a traditional industry in pest control services, embracing digitalisation is crucial for staying competitive.

We extend our gratitude to Mr Jonathan Chen and SME Centre@SMF for their support and excellent service.
Mr Richard Sun
Director, A-Flick Pte Ltd
Mr. Eugene Wong, Senior Business Advisor from SME Centre@NorthWest has demonstrated exceptional dedication in introducing our company to government assistance schemes and initiatives, such as the Productivity Solutions Grant, Enterprise Development Grant, and NTUC Grant.

His tireless efforts have brought these beneficial programmes to our attention, and we are eager to explore their potential to enhance our business capabilities and workforce development. His commitment to fostering our company’s growth is truly commendable.
Mr. Joseph Tan
COO, ANZ Electric Pte Ltd
I was recommended to approach Mr. Ivan Choong, a business advisor at SME Centre@SMF, to assist us with the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). He guided us through the process seamlessly.

He is very approachable and constantly explores ways to help us through his network. I was completely impressed with his knowledge and would highly recommend his services for grant advice.
Ms. Irene Tan
Director, Century Global Pte. Ltd.
I really appreciate Mr. Prince Yeow, Senior Business Advisor at SME Centre@NorthWest, for his immense assistance in applying for the grant. He has good knowledge of grants and business-related events. He replies to all our inquiries with patience, after careful listening and understanding.

His continuous follow-ups and updates related to grants made me feel that we are with the right person. I would recommend him as a co-entrepreneur for grant advice.
Mr. Malime
Operation Manager, Syed Mohamed Traders (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Mr. Jonathan Chen, business advisor at SME Centre@NorthWest was attentive throughout the business advisory session during which he brought me through the various government assistance schemes that could support SMEs.

It was also helpful that he made the effort to understand our business needs and followed up on the key points as discussed.
Ms. Susy Santoso
Director, Alfa International Pte. Ltd.
Mr. Ben Teo, business advisor of SME Centre@SMF has provided valuable advice and guidance on the different grants available for SMEs which has greatly helped us the past year.

Throughout our interactions, he has been patient and thorough in explaining the various grants and government assistance available. He has taken the time to ensure that we fully understand our eligibility and the application process for each grant.

Thanks to Ben's dedication and commitment, we have been able to make informed decisions and successfully apply for the grants that are most relevant to our business. His expertise and knowledge have been instrumental in helping us navigate this.

Overall, I highly recommend Ben's services as a business advisor. His assistance and advice on the different grants to apply for have been invaluable in supporting our business during these challenging times. Thank you, Ben, for your outstanding support and service to SMEs.
Mr. Norman Teo
Co-Founder, Bovm Pte. Ltd.
Mr. Bhanu Pratap Rai, senior business advisor of SME Centre@SMF is a tremendous business advisor for SMEs. He explains different grants and government assistance schemes in detail and advises on the suitability of the application for each scheme. He relates the assistance scheme to suit our business needs, provides valuable advice in the quickest of time and renders excellent guidance. One such was MRA (Market Readiness Assistance) grant which helped in expansion to overseas markets.

Undoubtedly, with such dedication to work and relentless effort to help SMEs, we commend his high level of service to SMEs and are thankful for his support.
Mr. Raghu
Product Manager, Lightspeed Photonics Pte. Ltd.
I really appreciate the kind assistance that Ms. Wong Wen Man, business advisor of SME Centre@NorthWest has rendered to our company for grant-related information for my SME, especially during this period of Covid.

She has been very helpful and efficient and has assisted me with the application for a few grants which has helped our company a lot. She has also provided me with a lot of advice to help improve our company processes.

On top of this, she has kept me informed of all other SME grants that are available. I will not hesitate to contact her in the future for SME-related matters.
Mr. Ng Ghim Soon
Business Development Director, Jewels Creative Packaging Pte Ltd
Mr. Bhanu Pratap Rai, business advisor of SME Centre@SMF was extremely patient to explain the various grants and government assistance available. We were overwhelmed with the information available and unsure of our eligibility/applications for grants.

Bhanu’s dedication helped us tremendously during this COVID period, especially so in our business by providing valuable advice and relevant assistance.

With such dedication to work and relentless effort to help SMEs, we commend his high level of service to SMEs.
Mr. Govind
Business Owner, Hermes Logistic Services
From the team of EAS.AI, we would like to give a big thank you to Ms. Michelle Ling, business advisor of SME Centre@SouthWest for walking us through the whole Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) process. She went beyond her work hours to explain clearly and patiently the challenges we faced and suggestions on how to overcome them.

With her timely follow-ups and assistance, we managed to get our ISO 27001!

We highly recommend her to other SME bosses to seek her expertise in helping them with their needs.
Mr. Benny Low
CTO & Business Development, EAS.Ai Pte Ltd
We wish to put on record the excellent service Mr. Paul Liu, business development advisor of SME Centre@SMF has rendered to us in our efforts toward brand growth.

Being highly professional and competent over the duration of the project, he has certainly helped us to crystallise and articulate a working brand identity and strategy based on his experience and research in the areas of branding and marketing.

We have learnt extensively from the content shared and hope to implement the knowledge and strategies accordingly to improve our branding and marketing.

We will not hesitate to recommend Paul Liu to any company looking to grow their brand presence with strategic alignment to their corporate communications and marketing activities.

We wish Paul every success in his endeavour to bring the best of branding and marketing know-how to more companies in Singapore and beyond.
Mr. Thirdie Lorenzo
IT and Marketing Manager, TranZplus Engineering Pte Ltd
Mr. Lewis Ang, business advisor of SME Centre@SMF was extremely patient to explain the various funding and program offered by the government.

I was overwhelmed by the information available on the MTI portal. He has good knowledge of the various government schemes for SMEs. Lewis showed concerns to find out more about our company business. He helped me with the assessment to match the qualified PSG vendor. He guided me and gave me useful advice for my business needs. Lewis’s positive attitude and dedication helped me tremendously whenever I have queries or encountered issues with the PSG application. He follows up closely on the PSG application progress. With his dedication to work, I was able to apply and submit the PSG application successfully..

I was grateful for his relentless effort to help SMEs that the PSG grant was approved in a short time. I commended him for the high professional service he rendered to SMEs.
Ms. Annie Choo
Director, Fun Tea Pte Ltd
Ms. Tan Weiling, business advisor of SMECentre@SMF was extremely patient to explain grant applications as offered by government to assist SME. We were overwhelmed with the information available and unsure with our eligibility/ applications for the grants.

Weiling showed concern to find out more on our company organisation and operational structure. She helped us with the assessment to match us with the grants available.

Weiling's positive attitude and dedication has help us tremendously during this difficult COVID period, whenever we have additional queries, she is there to guide us along. She follow up closely on our application progress and help us with when we encounter issues. With her help, we were able to apply and submit grant applications successfully. With such dedication in work and relentless effort to help SME, we commend her high level of service for SMEs.
Ms. Lee Geok Chen
Director, Ban Thong Logistic Pte. Ltd.
On behalf of the team at JDI, I would like to thank Ms Michelle Ling, Business Advisor of SMECentre@SouthWest for her time to understand our business, as well as patience to walk us through the details of Enterprise Singapore’s grants.

What was particularly helpful was her clear explanation to differentiate the supportable activities and deliverables between business matching, inmarket business development and overseas market presence under the MRA-OBD category.

Ms Michelle Ling shared her insights and experience on best practices and pitfalls to avoid with the grants to help us speed through the learning curve together with our client projects. She also provided the quick summary and additional research on Double Tax Deduction for Internationalisation (DTDi), which we were previously unaware of. Thanks in-advanced for the continued support, and we hope to bring more Singaporean SMEs to establish their presence in Vietnam!
Mr. Daryl Chung
Business Development Director, Tech JDI Pte Ltd
Mr Paul Liu, Business Development Advisor of SME Centre@SMF, is very quick to assist and has been providing me with invaluable insights to my website building as well as the flow and directions for them.

Mr Liu also provides regular updates on any seminars or talks that might be beneficial based on his understanding of my Company and what helps me. When I have queries regarding grants and application processes, he is there every step of the way to render assistance as and when required. Most importantly, he helps source for the right departments and people in charge so the questions I have goes straight to them. I look forward to continuing our journey in PBG.
Mr. Kenneth Ong
Regional Assistant Manager, Long Pun Enterprise Pte Ltd
We would like to thank Mr. Davin Tan, business advisor of SME Centre@SMF for providing business advisory services to our company. .

With his guidance, we have successfully applied and granted the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP), Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) and Enterprise Development Grant (EDG). Mr. Davin Tan possesses excellent knowledge of the available programmes that best suit our company. His ability to listen and recommend suitable programmes to meet our organizational needs is much valued and appreciated. This provides SMEs with good advice which we can rely on while operating in the midst of this stormy pandemic. .

We are thankful for such assistance rendered by Mr Davin Tan and SME Centre@SMF and would strongly recommend to all business owners in Singapore to engage their excellent services.
Mr. Joseph Tan
Director, Lian Eng Hardware Pte Ltd
I appreciate the kind assistance that Ms Tan Weiling, business advisor of SME Centre@SMF has rendered to our company for grant-related information for my SME especially during this period of Covid.

Ms. Tan Weiling has been very helpful and efficient, with a great attitude and very polite as well. We communicated via Zoom for all my grant applications and she guided me effectively without any problems at all. Submission was very fast and easy with her guidance. Ms. Tan Weiling will also periodically follow up with me on the progress of my grant submission. When there are additional; documents that was requested by Enterprise Singapore, she is just a phone call away. Within the same day, she will be back on Zoom with me to furnish the documents requested. On top of this, she also kept me informed of all other SME grant that is available.
Mr. Fred Tang
Director, Fat Life Pte Ltd
I am the director of ICONIQUE, an SME specialising in apparel customisation in Singapore and I’m proud to offer a letter of recommendation to Ms. Wong Wen Man, business advisor from SME Centre@NorthWest, whom has been serving my enquiries with regards to relevant government grant for my company.

Ms. Wong Wen Man is an individual whom is detailed and she overlooked my entire EDG application process from the month of August 2020. She checks on the progress periodically and assisted me with all my queries and doubts. She became the to-go person whenever I am in doubt of whether my micro-SME is eligible for any of the government grants. Her well rounded knowledge in her work has enable her to provide alternative solutions to the grant that were in place.

On top of that, she is also very well versed with the application process. What she offered was more than just sharing of information and walkthroughs of the grant applications, but also a strong stroke of confidence as the middle person between the government agency and micro SMEs like us, whom is significantly affected by the coronavirus.
Mr. Ray Lim
Director, Iconique
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