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Government Support & Programmes

Financial Support

Access financial support to develop new capabilities, create new products and grow your business.

Capability Development

Grow your business with support in capability development, technology and talent, as you capture opportunities and increase the quality of your products and services.


Gain access to tech expertise and infrastructure that drive the development of innovative solutions, build your pipeline of local and global talent, and deepen global connections.


Take your first step abroad, deepen your market presence, or expand your global footprint with the right tools and support.

Startup SG Founder

Startup SG Founder provides mentorship and startup capital grant of S$50,000 to first-time entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas. Startups are required to commit S$10,000 as co-matching fund to the grant.

Startup SG Tech

Startup SG Tech supports Proof-of-Concept (POC) and Proof-of-Value (POV) for commercialisation of innovative technologies.

Energy Efficiency Grant (Manufacturing Sector)

The Energy Efficiency Grant (EEG) aims to support manufacturing companies in their sustainability journey by co-funding investment in energy efficient (EE) equipment.

Industry 4.0 Human Capital Initiative (IHCI) Enabler Programme

With up to 90% funding support, the IHCI Enabler is an 8-week programme that focuses on helping companies get started on Industry 4.0 transformation and optimise returns with effective human capital management.

International Co-Innovation Programmes

Drive your company’s growth and global reach with Singapore’s Co-Innovation Programmes. Collaborate internationally on tech development and innovation projects, unlocking new avenues for knowledge exchange and scaling up solutions across borders.

Operations Management Innovation Programme (OMNI)

OMNI is a joint initiative between SIMTech and SSG to train in-house champions to systematically integrate business, operation management and productivity improvement through the OMNI methodology.

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