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Leveraging TikTok on Your Branding Journey

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, how can you leverage the latest social media platform—TikTok—to engage your target audience effectively?

Here are some TikTok best practices that SMEs should take note of when creating content to cut through the social media clutter:

💡 Ensure that your content drives real business objectives
🔗 Maintain consistency with your brand’s unique personality
💭 Avoid cringe-worthy content by taking a measured and thoughtful approach
🔌 Harness the power of user-generated content

When leveraging TikTok, businesses have two options for sharing their stories. They can either use the standardised platform solution to showcase their brand narrative or collaborate with other creators, leveraging hashtag challenges, music selections, or branded effect panels. These strategies allow SMEs to generate leads directly on the platform or redirect them to their business websites.

Moreover, creating a “TikTok Business Account” will allow businesses to connect directly with their target customers. This includes organic formats such as posting product links, showcasing products, or engaging in “live” shopping experiences. With TikTok, the possibilities for SMEs to expand their reach and engage with their audience are almost limitless.

To embark on your Branding and Marketing journey, the following Government Assistance Schemes are available to SMEs: Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) and Productivity Solution Grant (PSG).

First, a Branding/Marketing project under the EDG, can help businesses capture target audiences and markets through a three-step process:

1. Development of a brand strategy to target consumers and a differentiated proposition,
2. Identification of brand levers, and
3. Development of a strategic plan to optimise marketing resources and improve customer communications.
Read more about the EDG.

Second, a Digital Marketing Package under the PSG can help in pre-scoped areas like website development, marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and SEM/SEO. Local SMEs may receive up to 50% of eligible costs and receive up to $30,000.
Read more about PSG.

Reach out to us for a Business Advisor to provide specific guidance on the above grants to support your business transformation and be a partner for your branding and marketing journey!

Contributed by: Ben Teo (SME Centre@SMF Business Advisor)

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